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About us
     Changzhou Hengcheng Finished Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is located in Sanhuangmiao Village of Zhenglu Town, 15km away from the east of Changzhou, where is close to hengshan Exit of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway in the south, close to Changzhou and Yanjiang Development Zone in the north, so it enjoys much convenient transportation on water and land.
     Founded in 1998, our factory owns 10,000 square meters of factory area, 3000 square meters of workshop and 120 employees. The primary equipment is vertical machining center imported from Taiwan. Presently, there are 8 sets of vertical machining center machine, 5 sets of home-made NC machine tool and over 10 sets of common machine tool including MW1432 universal grinding machine, MA6205 universal facility grinding machine, C6136 machine tool, X5025 and 5030 vertical milling machines, et.. So the mechanical processing strength is very strong. Besides, we also import gaga2000 three-coordinate measuring instrument from America and equip various measuring instruments to guarantee product’s quality.
     In recent years, our factory has won more than ten foreign-trade or joint-venture enterprises’ trust with proper price, quality service, all-directional quality consciousness and modern people’s view on time. Our products are sold far to America, Europe, Japan and other countries in the world. Foreign orders are following one by one. We will continuous making effort to improve our management level, improve employee’s quality, carry out technical innovation, improve product’s quality and improve productivity to win more customers.